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Fact sheet:

Developer: Metris Code

Platforms: PC/Consoles

Release: August 24th,2016


Metris Soccer, is an arcade street football(soccer) game inspired by classic games from the early Fifa street series . Take to the streets and play in locations all over the world, as you try to become the best. Score amazing goals, pull off epic tricks,  and taunt with style as you embarrass your opponents.


The idea for Metris Soccer came from a desire to play some of the arcade based sports games of our youth.  Growing a bit disaffected with the ultra realistic sports games and with a lack of options in the market, we decided to take manners into our own hands, and began work on Metris Soccer in  mid 2015. Since then, with the help of the reddit community, over the last several months, we have been working hard to bring Street football(soccer) back into the gaming forefront. As a small team of three, with a the help of some contractors, we are looking to release Metris Soccer on August 24th on Steam. With consoles editions coming later on.



  • Play 3 v 3 matches in classic street football style
  • 15+ Tricks, which will let you build up your skillmeter! Once your skillmeter is full, unleash a devastating SkillBreaker, which depending on how many victims you claim, will end a match!
  • Diverse and fun soundtrack, with each Arena having custom themes.
  • Local Co op
  • Dynamic Tournaments : A singleplayer/local coop game mode with randomly generated objectives, so each playthrough is different.
  • Player Customization: Represent yourself on the streets with your own personal style.
  • Unique Arenas inspired by real world locations!


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